study revealed more dangerous messaging apps

WhatsApp: study revealed more dangerous messaging applications | Libero | Libero

Android or iPhone users have different applications on their devices such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, among others; However, they ignore virtual security since they would be at risk of suffering a scam under the modality of phishing.

Researchers at the Kaspersky antivirus conducted a study to analyze the different instant messaging applications used on Android and detect the dangers to which people are exposed. WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.

Why is WhatsApp considered a risky application?

According to information from Kaspersky, in WhatsApp 89% of phishing attacks occur through instant messages in messaging applications; Likewise, in the second place is Telegram with 5.6% and the third is Viber with 4.7% of the attacks worldwide.

Specialists recommend users to remain alert to a possible was in one of the applications already mentioned, this requires not entering suspicious links from friends, family or colleagues since they can also be deceived.

WhatsApp is considered a high-risk application against scams

It is important to read the message carefully to verify that there are no spelling errors or any anomalies; In addition, you should never share your passwords, credit card numbers or other banking information in a link of doubtful origin.

What is Phishing and why is it so dangerous?

To better understand the importance of the recommendations that we have presented, it is important to explain what the scam consists of under the modality of phishing. The website Malwarebytes, a medium specialized in technology, argued that phishing is a method that seeks to trick people into sharing their passwords and confidential information related to money.

Cybercriminals who use this method to scam usually pose as a trusted public or private company, this is usually done through links shared by SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, among others. In some cases they have also been presented by phone call.

Despite the recommendations provided by the developers of the aforementioned applications, these scams occur frequently in different countries such as Brazil, India and Russia.

How to join a group call on WhatsApp?

Through your official account YouTube, WhatsApp provided more information on the steps you need to take to join a video call that has already started.

In the multimedia content, the app explains that “when you receive a call or video call, touch ‘ignore’ if you cannot speak at that time”, but “you can join the call as long as it is active”, for this it is important to continue this steps:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and press the ‘Calls’ tab
  2. If the call is in progress, you will have to click to open a window showing the list of participants.
  3. Finally, you have to choose ‘Join’ to have access to two options ‘Enter’ or ‘ignore’ in case you do not want to participate in the group call.

Users who participate in the video call will be able to invite other people through the option “Add participant”, which will show you your list of contacts on your device Android O iOS.

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