Study: Pregnant women are at risk of getting infected with Covid-19 than cancer sufferers

JAKARTA, – Research reveals that pregnant women who have been vaccinated Covid-19 more risk of infection Covid-19 virus. When compared to those who experienced cancerorgan transplantation, and immune system deficiencies.

This was revealed in a study on ‘Which Comorbidities Increase the Risk of Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection?’ from the research team Dave Little, MD, et al at Epic Research, Sunday (3/4/2022).

In fact, breakthrough cases were more likely in pregnant people than in people with 11 of the other health conditions studied, including heart, kidney, and liver disease. To conduct the analysis, published by Epic Research, researchers looked at the medical records of 13.8 million patients between January 2021 and January 2022.

Researchers found pregnant people were the most susceptible to Covid-19, having a 91 percent higher chance of infection than those who were not pregnant. Organ donation recipients had an 83 percent increased risk, and those with immune system deficiencies had a 63 percent greater chance of infection.

Experts continue to press for vaccination during pregnancy. While the numbers continue to rise, pregnant women who are most resistant to vaccination point to a lack of clinical trial data, concerns about getting something so new into their bodies and anti-vaccine misinformation.

Among those who had been vaccinated while pregnant, scientists saw no red flags or an increased risk of complications. “But many patients don’t fully trust the data until it’s too late,” says Dr. Jessica Shepherd, an OB-GYN in Dallas, Texas, told Insider.

Editor: Endang Oktaviyanti

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