Study: Most Covid-19 Patients Show Neurological Symptoms, What Are They? All pages – Neurological symptoms, or those related to nerves, are said to be very common among patients’ cases Covid-19 serious or in hospital.

The findings were published in a study in the journal Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, Monday (5/10/2020).

In the study, the symptoms were found to vary.

Starting from mild symptoms such as difficulty focusing or attention, short-term memory, concentration, to difficulty undergoing multitasking.

Still feeling symptoms after recovering

The study also found that patients can continue to experience these symptoms long after recovering from the disease.

In the study, researchers at Northwestern Medicine looked at the first 509 patients at 10 hospitals and medical centers in Chicago in March and April, when the pandemic started.

The majority of patients, as many as 82 percent, had problems originating from the nervous system.

“This means that 4 out of 5 patients admitted to our hospital system at the start of the pandemic had these neurological problems,” study co-author Dr Igor Koralnik was quoted as saying. NBC News, Tuesday (6/10/2020).

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Muscle ache

Muscle pain was reported by nearly 44.8 percent of patients and 37.7 percent of patients complained of headaches.

Then, nearly a third of patients experience some kind of serious neurological problem, namely encephalopathy or altered brain function.

According to Koralnik, these severe problems with brain function are more likely to occur in older patients, namely those over 65 years of age.

Meanwhile, other patients claim to feel dizzy, lose their sense of smell or taste.

“This evidence confirms that neurological manifestations are common, but often mild. That’s important,” said Mayo Clinic Neurologist Dr Alejandro Rabinstein.

According to him, many Covid-19 patients in hospitals who experience muscle pain, also lose their sense of taste or smell. And vice versa, “explained Rabinstein who did not participate in this study.

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Symptoms of loss of smell

In addition, Koralnik said that these symptoms could also be an early sign of corona virus infection.

“People who suddenly lose their smell without any clear cause should pay attention to the possible early signs of Covid-19,” he said.

However, the long-term effects of these symptoms are still unknown. To that end, Koralnik and his colleagues will continue to follow the patient’s progress after being discharged from the hospital.

Future studies on Covid-19 patients in hospital are expected to reveal different effects on the nervous system.


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