study finds asteroid track more likely

Is it an asteroid or volcanic eruptions that caused the disappearance of the dinosaurs? The issue has never really been resolved. Two schools argue over this with each valid argument. Some believe that the two factors may have been decisive. Giant asteroid crashing in Mexico or cascading bursts in India, the two events have become two key assumptions.

In a study published in the journal PNAS and carried out by researchers from the University College of London, it is the asteroid option which takes the top. ” When we looked at the different scenarios, either to make the two things happen together or to make them completely separate, we saw that the asteroid is [le] only [événement] that can completely eradicate habitats that may be suitable for dinosaurs Explains the main author to the Guardian and reported by Business Insider.

« Asteroid impact patterns generate an extended cold winter that removes potential dinosaur habitats around the world. Conversely, the long-term power of Deccan volcanism (carbon dioxide-induced warming) results in better habitat suitability. Short-term volcanism (aerosol cooling) still allows equatorial habitability. These results confirm that the impact of asteroids is the main factor in the extinction of non-avian dinosaurs »Assure the researchers.

For them, as explained Business Insider, the volcanic eruptions are not a satisfactory explanation because on their own, they believe that even without these eruptions, the extinction would have taken place. ” Another conclusion from this study is to be remembered, as it may be surprising: the researchers estimated that the pulses of warming resulting from carbon dioxide released by volcanoes in the Deccan region could have reduced the cooling caused by the impact. asteroids and helping life forms recover, even if it wouldn’t have changed the fate of dinosaurs Adds the specialized site.


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