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The Griffith Observatory in the United States is very famous around the world. Not just a place to study astronomy, dozens of Hollywood films have been shot here La La Terra.

Griffith Observatory is located in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, it is a hilly area, not far from the Hollywood sign. From the Sunset-Vermont subway station, there is a DASH to get to the location. This is a favorite place for astronomy enthusiasts.

Otherwise, admission here is free. detikINET visited you some time ago. The building is so iconic because it has been used as a filming location dozens of times Hollywood. I immediately remember the scene of Mia and Seb singing and dancing in the movie La La Land.

Just show the PeduliLindung vaccine certificate, if you are Indonesian, the security guard immediately invites us to enter. Even though it’s free, the main hall, the Samuel Oschinn Planetarium, has to pay another 10 USD.

There appear to be 3 domes when viewed from the front. The dome in the center is the Samuel Oschinn Planetarium which uses Zeiss Mark IX Universarium technology. The dome to the east houses the 12-inch (305 mm) Zeiss telescope. The west dome uses the Coleostat solar telescope.

This place has existed since 1935, which means 87 years have passed. There are many features for learning the science here.

Foucault’s pendulum. Photo: Fitraya Ramadhanny / detikcom

The feature found once you enter this place is the Foucault Pendulum. It is an imitation of the pendulum invented by the French physicist Leon Foucault for physics experiments that prove the existence of the earth’s rotation. This pendulum moves without ceasing to be dragged by the magnetic poles of the Earth.

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Looking up at the ceiling above Foucault’s Pendulum is a mural by Hugo Ballin entitled “The Advancement of Science from Ancient Times to the Present”. This mural is not playing beautifully.

Satisfied with Foucault’s pendulum experiment, we can continue to explore this observatory. There is the left wing of the building, which is the Wilder Hall of The Eye Exhibits. This showroom has a Tesla coil.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles where La La Land was filmedGriffith Observatory in Los Angeles where La La Land was filmed. Photo: Fitraya Ramadhanny / detikcom

The Tesla coil is a radio frequency oscillator invented by the legendary scientist Nikola Tesla. That’s a clone here. Tesla Coil is an experimental physics tool for producing millions of Volts of electricity which is equivalent to lightning. Unfortunately, the Tesla coil was not used at the time.

On the right is the Ahmanson Hall of The Sky Exhibits. Here we can study with the solar system. Cycle of the sun, moon and other planets through an eye-catching display.

This observatory is certainly a place to indulge natural science enthusiasts. Not to be missed if you have time in Los Angeles.

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