STUDY // A connection has been discovered between Alzheimer’s and the electronic devices we use daily

STUDY // A connection has been discovered between Alzheimer’s and the electronic devices we use daily

Scientists have managed to establish a link between Alzheimer’s and pulsed electromagnetic fields created by modern gadgets.

Today, according to the World Health Organization, there are 55 million people in the world with symptoms of dementia.

At present, it is not completely clear why dementia occurs. So far, the main version is due to excess calcium inside the cells. This is what triggers the mechanism that causes memory loss, scientists explain. They add that the supposedly useful glutamic acid turns into a poison due to the high level of intracellular calcium.

One of the reasons for the high level of calcium inside the cells, indicates smartphones and other gadgets with an installed internet network, because it generates electromagnetic fields, which in turn activate calcium channels.

“Electronically generated electromagnetic fields and those with a wireless connection (mobile phones, smartphones, bracelets and smart watches, car navigators) are associated with an increase in intracellular calcium,” said Prof. Pal.

He has been studying electromagnetic fields for years: “Low-intensity electromagnetic fields cause neurodegeneration, including Alzheimer’s disease,” according to a study published in a popular medical journal. Prof. Martin Pal is convinced that these electromagnetic fields are a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

“A total of 18 different test results are convincing evidence of this,” he said. It is also worrying that high-bandwidth wireless can cause a very early onset of dementia in humans.

We have to wait for the final conclusions of the researchers, and until then scientists still recommend that you minimize the time spent using smartphones and other gadgets that are included in the network.

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