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Today, January 14th, the famous animation studio Ghibli Studio displayed the secret scene in the agency, which caused netizens to praise it. It showed a corner of the agency that collects the remaining pencil heads, and called on everyone to reuse it as much as possible without waste.


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·Ghibli is one of the most famous animation studios in Japan. Founded in mid-1985, it was originally affiliated to Tokuma Bookstore and is located in Koganei City, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan. It currently has about 300 employees. It is coordinated by director Miyazaki Hayao and his colleagues Takahata Toshio and Suzuki Toshio. Composer Hisaishi Jean has also produced film music for many of Studio Ghibli’s works. The studio logo is its representative work “My Neighbor Totoro”.

·How well can a good studio make so many excellent animation works? This can be seen. Today, January 14th, Studio Ghibli showcased a corner in the agency dedicated to collecting the remaining pencil heads. Ghibli also appealed to everyone through the agency’s tips to save a lot of pencil heads due to painting. I hope everyone can save as much as possible. Use scotch tape. Or the bracket, etc. are connected, and the residual heat can be used again.


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