Studio 100 cancels shows for 100,000 people: ‘If anyone here is the black pet, it is the unvaccinated’

Studio 100 expected 100,000 people for the Rewind shows and the Sinterklaas show this weekend. Both events are cancelled. The measures of the Consultation Committee will not take effect until Saturday, but the provincial governors can also intervene before tonight. “That makes the situation so uncertain that we are forced to cancel tonight as well,” it sounds at Studio 100.

“We are very sorry”, said Hans Bourlon in an extra VRT-Journaal, “but we understand the decision of the Consultation Committee. It’s about a lot of people all singing and partying loudly together. That is giving the virus a bit too much chance, we also think.”

100 percent

Bourlon accepts the decisions of the Consultation Committee, but points an accusing finger at the vaccine refusers. “We have all been speeded up by something unforeseen and unforeseen,” he says. “If anyone is the black pet here, it is the people who have not been vaccinated. If we had gone to 100 percent there, this would not have happened. Then this wouldn’t have happened. Those are the culprits for me.”

The performances of the musical Daens will continue this weekend in the Studio 100 Pop-Up Theater in Puurs. The performances from Monday will be moved to a later date. The indoor parks and swimming pools of Studio 100 will remain open.

“We have to accept this. Everyone knows people who have been affected by corona and we know what dire circumstances this can lead to,” concludes Bourlon.

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In the meantime, the event sector reacts incensed to the decisions taken by the Consultation Committee today. “The sector is paying for new cancellation costs for the third week in a row, without any compensation. Built-up events, fridges full of food… And we’re not even talking about March or October 2020, when the sector itself paid for the cancellation costs,” says Bruno Schaubroeck of the Event Confederation (EC), which represents the sector organizations of the various branches of the event sector unites.

The sector mainly complains about the lack of a long-term vision and speaks of a flashing light economy. According to the EC, it is impossible for the sector to survive in this way.


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