Students in Gowa Dies of PJJ Depression, This Psychologist Says


JAKARTA – One school student Winah over (SMA) with the initials MI in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, is suspected of committing suicide by drinking grass poison. Based on the information from the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Gowa Police, AKP Jufri Natsir, the victim is suspected of being depressed because of the large number of distance learning tasks (PJJ) from schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before dying, the victim complained to friends about the difficulty of accessing the internet at his house in a mountainous area. This difficulty makes the victim’s schoolwork pile up.

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Regarding this case, psychologist Kasandra Putranto said, pressure PJJ can be a trigger for someone to experience depression. However, the definite cause for depression is the psychological condition of the previous victim.

“I cannot immediately agree that the victim’s suicide was a direct impact of PJJ pressure because PJJ pressure is the trigger. The definite cause is still the psychological condition of the victim who has had previous depression,” said Kasandra when contacted. SINDOnews, Tuesday (20/10).

Ideally PJJ is done in a fun and creative way. The reason is, PJJ can put pressure on children so it is important for parents and teachers to investigate this.

“It must be fun and creative to keep the children from getting bored, not having problems with the network, and not having to be in front of the computer,” said Kasandra.

“PJJ is definitely putting pressure, which should be investigated by teachers and parents. Most importantly psychological conditions son, “he continued.

Previously, Commissioner for the Protection of Indonesian Children (KPAI) Retno Listyarti appreciated the police’s swift move to reveal the motive of the victim to commit suicide. If it is true because of experiencing PJJ, according to him, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive evaluation in Gowa Regency.

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“KPAI encourages the role of schools in helping children who are experiencing mental or psychological problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has reached seven months. The roles of homeroom teachers and counseling guidance teachers are very strategic in helping children with psychological problems, including difficulties in following through. PJJ, “said Retno.




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