Students from the junior high school in SMG test en masse to study in person

The Sofia Mathematical High School (SMG) resumes face-to-face training, and students are referred to a laboratory that has an agreement with the school. The school day began with queues of students and parents in front of the laboratory near the school.

The queue in front of the capital’s laboratory, where the children’s sparing tests are performed, is long and they will hardly be able to get to school on time for the first school hour.

“The problem is not the first class. I don’t think everyone will get to the last class,” said a student’s mother.

According to her, however, the school environment cannot be compensated by e-learning. So she agreed to test her child and return to class.

And some parents were hesitant about attending the training, saying their children would either be tested in another lab or continue online.

The condition for the return of older students is either 50% to have a certificate or 50% to have announced that they want to be tested.

“Today, all classes attend in which more than 50% of students have a green certificate, which are checked at the entrance. All others study in an electronic environment, as well as those who have a certificate but have not expressed a desire to return,” he explained. the director of the high school Antoan Tonev. He pointed out that free tests are expected in order to move to full-fledged training.

According to him, about 620 students are expected for both shifts today. The children will be tested in two groups – according to the shift in which they study, say the school management.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the employers in the education system and director of a Sofia school, Diyan Stamatov, called for the children to be returned to class. We are in a terrible educational lockdown, a difficult future awaits us, he said.

139 municipalities are currently studying on a rotating basis, and their number is expected to increase from tomorrow.



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