Student of the Polytechnic of Bragança died of aggression in the city streets. Police investigate what happened – News

Luis Giovani dos Santos Rodrigues, a Cape Verdean student, was 21 years old and died in the early hours of December 31, after ten days in the Santo António Hospital in Porto. Second JN advanced, Luis died a victim of injuries resulting from an assault on December 21 in Bragança, where he had lived since October. Luis Giovani was a student of the Digital Games Design course at the Bragança Polytechnic Institute, on the Mirandela campus.

The circumstances that led to the student’s death are being investigated by the police. After the assault Luis Giovani was admitted to the Bragança hospital and was immediately transferred to the Santo António Hospital.

O Website Contact us that the young man was from Mosteiros, on the island of Fogo, in Cape Verde. He had been playing piano in the church since he was a child and was currently part of a traditional Cape Verdean music band. The same site cites a friend of the student, Reinaldo, who was said to have liaised with family and other friends while Luis was in hospital. It is this friend who advances with some details about the aggression.

“On December 20th there was a party at the Lagoa Azul bar in Bragança and they really wanted to go,” he told Contacto. According to this account, Luis will have gone with three other friends. At the bar the episode will have taken place, which later culminated in the aggression already out of space, according to the report of the student friend. “When they came out of the disco, about 300 meters ahead were about 15 boys in three groups armed with belts, irons and sticks,” he says.

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O Trás-os-Montes diary corroborates the aggression will have occurred in the vicinity of Bar Lagoa: “young Giovani Rodrigues, last week (the 21st) was admitted to the urgency of Bragança Hospital with injuries considered serious, after being attacked during a skirmish that involved several people leaving from the Lagoa Bar “.

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança posted to your site a note that “presents to family and friends their most heartfelt condolences at this time of pain and dismay.”

“The tragic circumstances that led to the death of this young man involve the entire IPB community in the deepest solidarity with those close to him, expressing our willingness to support the family and our desire for all facts to be fully and fully ascertained.” .

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