Student finds stolen phone with crazy monkey selfies | Abroad

This weekend, 20-year-old Zackrydz woke up to find his phone was lost. “There were no signs of a burglary,” he tells the BBC. It was his father who saw a monkey walking by their house a day later. When Zackrydz decided to call his own phone, he heard a ringing in the backyard, where it turned out that his phone was lying in the mud under a palm tree.

His uncle joked that there might be a photo of the thief on the phone. But he could not have guessed what he would find. “My phone was full of monkey pictures.”

Zackrydz thinks the monkey entered through his brother’s window, which was open. He says it is the first time in his neighborhood that a monkey steals something. But it remains unclear exactly how it went and how the photos ended up on his phone. “This is something that you may experience once in a century.”

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