Student finds stolen mobile phone, but cannot see his eyes …

A student from Johor in southern Malaysia discovered when waking up that his smartphone had been stolen. His surprise was great when he found the mobile phone a little later in the jungle behind his house and discovered that it contained several selfies and a video recording of a monkey.

The 20-year-old Zackrydz Rodzi only found the case of his mobile phone. The plane itself turned out to be stolen when he woke up. The student first thought of a human thief, but there were no signs of burglary, he told the BBC on Wednesday.

Zackrydz then called his smartphone and discovered that it rang a few meters away. The aircraft was under a palm tree. When the student went to look at the photo and video gallery of the device, he saw a series of selfies and a video of a monkey. At one point, the cell phone beeps in the monkey’s mouth. That was when the monkey tried to eat the found object. But that did not work.

The student posted the video and photos of the monkey on the internet and they immediately went viral. How the monkey got into the house is still unclear.

Photo: AP

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