Student Arrested for Coldplay Ticket Scam in Jakarta


Police arrested a student perpetrator Coldplay ticket scam. The suspect, a student from Semarang, Central Java, tricked residents of Tamansari, West Jakarta, causing a loss of Rp. 5 million.

The student with the initials BT (23) was arrested after being reported for committing fraud by selling Coldplay tickets. The suspect argued that he committed fraud for revenge because he had been conned at a BLACKPINK concert.

The suspect then used the proceeds of crime to buy shoes and eat. For his actions, the suspect is now being detained at the Tamansari Police.

Ticket Selling Mode on the @coldplayJKT Account

West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes M Syahduddi said the suspect used social media to deceive victims. He’s ostensibly selling Coldplay tickets through Twitter account @coldplayJKT.

“Initially the perpetrator via Twitter social media with the account @coldplayJKT provided information that the person concerned or this perpetrator would sell Coldplay tickets,” said Syahduddi at the West Jakarta Police, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Friday (9/6).

So far, it is known that there is only one Coldplay ticket fraud victim who was tricked by the perpetrator, namely the victim DA, a resident of Tamansari. He suffered a loss of Rp. 5 million due to the fraud.

Scam Money Used Buy Yeezy

Syahduddi revealed that the suspect transferred the fraudulent money to the Dana application. He then uses the money to buy things he needs to eat.

“The money received by the perpetrator was transferred to the Fund application which was also owned by the perpetrator and based on the perpetrator’s confession the money was used for the perpetrator’s personal needs, namely buying adidas shoes, Yeezy, and he said to eat the rest,” said Syahhduddi.

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