Student (5) in Florida beat up teacher

At a Florida school, a teacher was attacked by her five-year-old student. After that she was no longer responsive and was taken to the hospital.

the essentials in brief

  • A five-year-old hit his teacher in Florida.
  • The boy does not have to expect legal consequences.

Last week, a curious and tragic incident took place in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. A teacher had to be taken to the hospital because she was no longer responsive.

The reason: her only five-year-old student is said to have beaten her!

Teacher suffers severe concussion

As “NBC News” reports, the child is said to have thrown things around in the class before. The boy was then escorted by the teacher to a separate room where he should have calmed down. Then he attacked her.

In the attack, the woman suffered a severe concussion and other injuries, including bite marks and bumps. However, she has now been released from the hospital.

Did you like going to school?

A police investigation into serious bodily harm against the five-year-old is currently underway.

However, the incident will probably have no legal consequences for the boy. It is difficult to prove that at his age he can already distinguish between right and wrong.

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