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12.39 Guerreiro and Samitier are trying to return to the front squad, just over a minute late. The Blue Jersey wants to counter Giovanni Visconti who went on the attack.

12.37 Maglia Rosa group which has risen and is at 6 ‘.

12.35 There are ten in front: Andrea Vendrame, Luca Chirico, Manuele Boaro, Mark Padun, Daniel Navarro, Thomas De Gendt, Matthew Holmes, Davide Villella, Rohan Dennis, Giovanni Visconti. Zardini and Haas broke off. From behind Guerreiro and Samitier try to re-enter.

12.33 There is bad weather on the race again today.

12.28 Deceuninck – Quick Step at the head of the peloton, very slow pace.

12.24 The group got up again, but the blue jersey Guerreiro, Giovanni Carboni and Samitier started to counterattack.

12.19 After about forty kilometers.

12.13 The group is still very close to the fugitives. Waiting for the GPM, there the escape could go away by force.

12.06 The first ascent of the day is soon scheduled: Sella Chianzutan (9.6 km at 5.6%).

12.02 Andrea Vendrame, Luca Chirico, Manuele Boaro, Mark Padun, Nathan Haas, Daniel Navarro, Thomas De Gendt, Matthew Holmes, Davide Villella, Rohan Dennis, Giovanni Visconti and Edoardo Zardini are always ahead. 30 โ€margin.

11.54 The CCC is leading the group.

11.51 The attempt continues, now there is a 30 โ€margin for the twelve in command.

11.47 The platoon is not leaving room for the attackers.

11.44 At the time of the attack we find:

1 7 VENDRAME Andrea +1:26:01
2 14 CHIRICO Luca +1:53:05
3 22 BOARO Manual +1:35:44
4 36 Padun mark +1:10:33
5 74 HAAS Nathan +2:36:30
6 116 NAVARRO Daniel +1:14:22
7 122 THE GENDT Thomas +1:16:16
8 126 HOLMES Matthew +2:09:35
9 148 VILLELLA Davide +48:07
10 163 DENNIS Rohan +1:46:32
11 211 VISCONTI Giovanni +1:30:24
12 218 ZARDINI Edoardo +1:49:10

11.40 It should be noted that Molano (UAE) did not leave after yesterday’s crash.

11.37 A dozen men seem to have taken a little advantage over the group.

11.34 First stage of the race flat, therefore the first hour of running could be covered at very high speeds.

11.30 Obviously he struggles to escape, the group leaves no room.

11.24 Officially started this fifteenth stage!

11.20 Today there will certainly be a great battle to grab the right escape.

11.17 Pictures from the start:

11.09 Runners who are heading towards kilometer 0.

11.03 The fraction begins, obviously the first part of the transfer before the official start.

11.00 More images of the flight of the Frecce Tricolori on the group:

10.57 The show of the Frecce Tricolori:


10.50 Guerreiro in the Blue Jersey wants important points today:

10.47 Vincenzo Nibali is also ready:

10.44 The Maglia Rosa Almeida to the signature sheet:

10.41 Today’s stage in detail:

10.38 Today’s fraction will start at 11.05.

10.35 It is fundamental for many riders to go on the attack since today’s stage, since the gaps, after yesterday’s Prosecco time trial, have become large.

10.32 Today the highly anticipated fifteenth leg of the Rivolto Air Base-Piancavallo is scheduled for 185 km. The second week ends with another uphill finish.

10.30 Good morning and welcome back with the Giro d’Italia 2020.

The general classification of the Giro d’Italia 2020 โ€“ The Pheasant by Riccardo Magrini โ€“ The presentation of the stage โ€“ The report cards of the thirteenth stage

Hello and welcome to ours LIVE LIVE of the highly anticipated fifteenth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2020 Rivolto-Piancavallo Air Base of 185 km. It will be a fraction that could change the face of the general classification. After yesterday’s time trial Joao Almeida is increasingly the leader of the Corsa Rosa, it will be up to Vincenzo Nibali, Domenico Pozzovivo e Jakob Fuglsang turn on the race with the aim of recovering time in the general.

The route of today’s fraction offers the terrain for those who will have the strength to attack to make a difference. After 55 km relatively easy the cyclists will find themselves at the foot of the first GPM of the day on Sella Chianzutan, second category of 10.6 kilometers at 5.4% with peaks of 9%. After the descent and a fairly hilly stretch, cyclists will face the ascent of Forcella di Monte Rest 7.4 kilometers long at 7.5% with peaks of 11%. Another descent that will bring the platoon to the GPM of Pala Barzana, the last GPM of the second category of the day of 4.4 kilometers at 4.4% but with peaks of 11%.

All this will be just the starter on the last climb of the day towards Piancavallo. The ascent will begin about 15 km from the finish with the first 10 km which will have an average gradient of 9% with peaks up to 14%. After a short clearing about 5 km from the end, you go up again with slopes of around 8%. As mentioned, therefore, there will be ample room for the men of the classification who intend to recover the ground lost in the previous stages from Joao Almeida.

Currently Wilco Kelderman he is the closest to the Portuguese with a 56 โ€lead to follow Pello Bilbao at 2’11 “e Brandon McNulty at 2’23 “. Great focus on Vincenzo Nibali that to get back in the running for the pink jersey must necessarily attack given the 2’30 โ€lead. A little further back Domenico Pozzovivo with 2’33 โ€from the leader who can also count on the support of Fausto Masnada which occupies the eighth place in the general.

OA Sport offers you the text LIVE LIVE of the fifteenth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2020 from 10.30: news in real time and constant updates to not really miss anything. Good fun!


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Photo: Lapresse

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