Stronger than “Free From Desire”? Gala singer relaunches career with NEW title (video)

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Who hasn’t danced to the nineties hit, Free From Desire? Who has never sung (/calls out) “nananana nanana nanana nana” by skipping on this chorus that stays in mind? The singer Gala, who is now 45, is known around the world for this title. Today, she is releasing a new song today, in a completely different style.

For the occasion, the magazine Point met her in New York. Now, the singer writes and composes around themes on “gender, desire, consumer society, fame, power, sex”, she explains.

His new title, “The Parallel Lines”, is a folk song. It tells “the fate of two lovers who move away while they live under the same roof”, we can read on YouTube. “Although they are bound by a deep love, life circumstances weigh on their relationship. There is no Hollywood ending here. Reality demands that we take responsibility and make love work. they give up or is there hope? “

The singer kept her deep voice, and hardly changed physically. His musical style has evolved a lot!

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