Strong tremor shakes Puerto Rico on the morning of Three Kings Day

A strong tremor of magnitude 5.79 was recorded on Monday morning south of Puerto Rico, an event that was felt in many sectors of the Island and left some without the electric power service.

The Puerto Rico Seismic Network He indicated that there were several events, but that the main tremor was 5.79 degrees at about 6:32 in the morning.

There is no warning, warning or tsunami surveillance for Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

So far no affected people have been registered, but the authorities immediately began responding to damage reports.

What we know: Damage has been reported in several municipalities in the south of the island. The authorities ask to leave the roads free for the response teams.

The director of the Seismic Network, Víctor Huérfano, urged citizens to try not to congest the roads or the telephone system so that the authorities can respond more effectively.

“You have to ask people to calm down, to leave the routes for the authorities that need to respond and not congestion. If they have to communicate with someone, do so by text message, if they can. We must apply what we have come saying from now on, “said Orphan.

“We had an event of preliminary magnitude of 5.79. We have an activation of the area. They were like 10 events running one after the other. We may have an intensity of 6, but obviously we have to wait for more information to flow“he added.

There is no warning, warning or tsunami surveillance for Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

Power outages from the Electric Power Service were reported in Peñuelas, Vega Alta, Guaynabo, Arecibo, Naranjito and San Juan.

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Immediately, through social networks, citizens let them know that they felt the telluric movement in Caguas, San Juan, Guaynabo, Bayamón, Naranjito and Arecibo.

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced He turned to his Twitter account to detail the government’s action plan in the face of the quake and said the agencies are alert.

“Our @ team[email protected] Keep an eye on the development of the tremor this morning. We ask the citizens to calm down and stay tuned for official reports, “he said.

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