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FLORENCE – Iacopo Melio returned to the hospital for the Covid. It was the 29-year-old regional councilor of the Democratic Party, who became a symbol for his battles on civil rights and named a knight of the Republic by President Mattarella, to break the news on his Facebook profile. He had already been hospitalized because positive for coronavirus (he had also spent Christmas in the hospital, describing the experience of the disease as hell, nothing but flu) and then resigned.

I’ve been in hospital since Wednesday. They will do tests and checks to understand some things related to symptoms of Covid, which continue to be strong, and significant weight loss that I will have to keep under control and recover as soon as possible, returning to eating normal food, since at the moment I go on only liquid supplements for more than a month, due to cough and swallowing problems, wrote Iacopo. Who then, with the determination and optimism that has always distinguished him, explains that it takes time and patience to recover the lost pounds. And he doesn’t forget to joke about comparing himself to a comic book character either.

I feel a lot like Peter Griffin when, out of the blue, he even forgets how to sit down. – Melio writes again – But we will recover it and all this will end, sooner or later, beyond the scars that may remain: and we will return to celebrate to the sound of crap and mayonnaise, creating wonderful gatherings after the pandemic that has become so ugly how reassuring I remember.

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Iacopo also let it be known that he can’t wait to get back active one hundred percent. I have a lot of projects, ideas and proposals to carry out that, in moments of respite, flourish like never before, he explains. And in the meantime he writes that he continues to do what I can at a distance, also through the help of trusted collaborators and fellow councilors on the front line. There is no shortage of heartfelt thanks to the head physician Luca Masotti and to all the health personnel of the 5A3 department of San Giuseppe di Empoli, because they are following me in this tiring rollercoaster in a careful, thoughtful and professional way. And finally the usual Tuscan greeting: A hug, and take it easy, that Covid is an ugly beast and we must win. Within minutes, messages of solidarity and encouragement arrived.

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