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Strong presence of French Regions, with fewer companies

– From our correspondent in Las Vegas, Reynald Werquin

Greater Paris, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bretagne, Hauts-de-France …, the French Regions have once again crossed the Atlantic to join the ranks of the French delegation installed in the Europa Park in Las Vegas for the high mass of innovation and technology. If the French grouped under the French Tech label were still numerous, a clear decline, all statutes combined (startups, local elected officials and the media) has begun, notes the economic magazine La Tribune. ” The world’s largest innovation fair has become less political and less strategic for government (who has other cats to whip right now – Editor’s note) and the Regions. Good news for business “, Notes Sylvain Roland

Indeed, if the CES in Las Vegas remains the largest and the inescapable fair of innovation and consumer electronics in the world, the place where visitors interested in high-tech can discover the objects that may change Being the face of the world, the 2020 edition was marked, for the French, by an end of excess and a refocusing on business. After 412 companies in 2018 and 420 in 2019, the 2020 edition welcomed only 300 companies. ” The pink rooster looks gray “Adrien Schwyter advises in Challenges. ” Long propelled politically as a standard of the dynamism of the ecosystem of French start-ups, the race for the size of the French delegation seems to have lived “. The fact remains that the number of French companies, flagships of French tech or regional delegations, all with the startups they support as part of specific programs, is greater than in 2012, the year when a dozen pioneers arrived in the American West.

Ali Baba’s real cave with its connected and intelligent objects, its awesome or completely useless electronic gadgets, new smartphones, TV screens, communication networks, solutions for SmartCity, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, drone, this trade fair on 2.5 million square meters (2.9 million in 2019) with 4,000 exhibitors (4,500 last year) has become a must for companies, young shoots or more seasoned who want to do business with Americans and the rest of the world. There is no shortage of nuggets in the alleys of Eureka Parc in Las Vegas, but you have to go get them, explains our local correspondent (see video), a little disappointed with the 2020 vintage.

France needs to exist on the global innovation map. Hitting a big blow at CES is an effective way to mark the spirits to change the image of the brand Franceexplains Eric Morand, Vice President Tech and Services of Business France and organizer of the “Team France Export”.

Regional nuggets now in full view, both in the Pavilion of Business France and in the French-speaking Village, installed for 4 years close to the show, where they could pitch in front of an audience of investors and journalists, such was the presence assured French: less important, but better organized, for more visibility.



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