Strong investment and dozens of productions: Amazon Prime Video bets on Mexico for its expansion in Spanish

Diego Luna during “Pan y Circo”. (Photo: EFE / Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon Prime Video sees Mexico as the cradle of great productions and so he made it clear when he announced a plan to release original content in the next five years, including stand out Traveling with the Derbez, LOL: Last one laughing and Pan and circus.

The production company announced that in the next three or five years at least 15 new original and local series will be launched, and 5 original and local films, which seeks to prioritize the Latin American market.

Two more seasons of LOL: Last one laughing chaired by Eugenio Derbéz, the second season of Bread and Circus by Diego Luna and the premiere of Maradona: Blessed Dream, were some of the advances that Amazon Prime Video gave for Mexico and Latin America in 2021.

“We are focused on giving the best entertainment experience and giving subscribers their next favorite title. We are constantly exploring formats and we try to provide a wide range for our clients and we are being flexible with the business models to be able to offer the content “, declared Pablo Lacoviello, head of Acquisitions of Latin American Content of Amazon Prime Video, during the event of the streaming platform.

The event also announced an investment of USD 2.65 million to the film and television industry in Mexico and Latin America, With which it seeks to support those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that last year stopped all productions.

“Since the COVID pandemic began, we have been able to launch original global and local content, the situation is changing and there will be obstacles. We know that Prime Video content will continue to be very strong, ”said Amazon Studios Director Jennifer Salke.

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Eugenio Derbez and Diego Luna were present in a virtual way at the Prime Video Presents Mexico event, where they gave some details of their future projects within the web platform.

“This year I’m going to work a lot”, said the Mexican comedian at a press conference after celebrating the announcement of a third and fourth season of LOL: Last one laughing, series that took him to the Emmy Awards in 2020.

“The most important thing for me is to offer a platform to discover new talent in comedy. This season will come much more f

Actor Eugenio Derbez while posing on a red carpet in Mexico City (Mexico).  (EFE / Photoamc)

Actor Eugenio Derbez while posing on a red carpet in Mexico City (Mexico). (EFE / Photoamc)

stronger than the first and second ”, he asserted.

Derbez also gave a preview of what to expect for the second season of the reality series. Traveling with the Derbez, which opens this year also on Amazon Prime Video, as well as the complications that recording it in a pandemic brought.

“We avoided airports, crowded cities and the only option we found was a ‘roadtrip’, We were stuck in a campervan traveling to places that I never imagined existed in the United States. It is the first time that I travel with all my children being single”He added.

The producer also explained that the program will maintain the honesty that characterized the first season and therefore they will touch difficult subjects and known by the hearing like the separation of Aislinn Derbez with Mauricio Ochmann.

“We did not know whether to talk about it or not, and if yes, how we were going to do it and to what extent. We decided that what we had to do was continue with the same, speak the truth and be honest, to continue being ourselves, ”said Derbez in conversation Javiera Balmaceda, leader of local content in Spanish in Latin America for Amazon Prime Video.

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Likewise, the Mexican actor and producer Diego Luna had an interview with the director of Amazon Studios, Jenn Salke, where he received the announcement that he had been approved the second season of the series that deals with social problems, Bread and Circus.

“I have spent so much time telling stories to people so that they would disconnect from reality and get distracted, that I felt that need to show them this and return them to reality to start becoming active citizens,” said the “Narcos: Mexico” actor ( 2018).

Other premieres

The cast of the series also met at the event Maradona: Blessed dream, who highlighted that beyond football, the series will show a fascinating story of self-improvement of one of the “most relevant characters in contemporary history”, as explained by Nazareno Casero, who gives life to the soccer player.

Another surprise for 2021 will be the first sports documentary series dedicated to the Mexican team Chivas de Guadalajara, as well as the first Mexican horror series broadcast by the platform, “Soldiers or Zombies.”


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