Strobl: Under Putin there would have been no German unity – Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart. Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) highlighted the merits of former GDR citizens in the course of the political upheaval and the reunification of Germany.

Strobl said on Monday on the occasion of the Day of German Unity: “During the years of reunification, thousands of people demonstrated for freedom, democracy and unity – not with stones, weapons or violence, but with candles, songs, prayers and the power of humanity “. If there is anything one can be proud of, it is the peaceful reunification of Germany and the opportunities it has given each other.


The country leaders see the results of the construction to the east in danger

Strobl represented Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Verdi) at the central celebration in Erfurt. The green politician is traveling to the United States. Strobl, who is also deputy prime minister in the Southwest, said:

“If we look at Russia today, one thing is clear: there would have been no German unity under President Putin”.

With the brutal Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, which violated international law, we have all been robbed of a seemingly obvious fact. The naturalness of living in a safe and peaceful Europe. Europe is a promise for each of us, it is humanity’s greatest peace project. “We must never give up on the possibility of lasting peace and prosperity.”

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