Strike at BFMTV. Election evening devoted to municipal elections threatened

“We journalists should be present in dozens of cities, in front of campaign headquarters, on sets, in newsrooms, to tell you, decipher, live with you this high point of democracy. It is our mission. Yet we will not fill it ”, wrote the journalist companies (SDJ) of BFMTV, BFM Paris, BFM Business, RMC and the digital newsrooms of NextRadioTV, in a forum published on the website of the Sunday Journal.

This strike against the social plan of the owner of BFM and RMC represents “A heartbreak as journalists and citizens”, and “It is the first time in the history of our media group created 20 years ago that we have not dealt with such strong news”, emphasize the SDJ, which met this Saturday June 27 in the afternoon in front of the NextradioTV group headquarters in Paris.

“There was a time of discussion on the strike, many questions were asked about our profession as journalists and the fact of impacting our content”, explained a member of the LDS.

“The managers have planned a cover system which will be readjusted, in particular with freelancers and fixed-term contracts”, according to this source.

Unions reject forced departure

Employees of NextradioTV antennas started a strike on Wednesday against a savings plan providing for 500 job cuts, or one third of the workforce of this subsidiary of the Altice group. After a 24-hour suspension to allow discussions between unions and management, which turned out to be unsuccessful, they mainly decided on Thursday to resume the movement, until Monday 9 am.

The strikers notably demand that management renounce any forced departure and reject the abolition of half of the freelance and intermittent positions

For leaders, “the resumption of the strike is no longer justified”

This plan, “Of incredible violence” according to the LDS, was presented on May 19 “By email to employees, just a few days after the start of deconfinement”.

Management, arguing “Fundamental advances”, had called Friday, in an internal message, “Upon resumption of work in order to allow further negotiation and to avoid degrading the antennae”.

For the managers of the Altice subsidiary, “ the resumption of the strike is no longer justified as negotiations were underway and management has responded to the demands of your representatives by committing beyond them ”.


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