Strict Police Warning to UAS Supporters Who Want to Expel Singapore’s Ambassador


Supporter Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) from the Defense of the Ideological Sarekat Islam (Shield) threatened to expel the Singaporean Embassy in Indonesia if they did not apologize within 2×24 hours. The police also gave a warning because the act of forced eviction was against the law.

It is known that UAS was refused entry to Singapore when he arrived from the Batam Center TPI Port, Riau Islands on May 16, 2022. UAS and his entourage were returned to Indonesia via the Batam port where the group originally departed. The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore explained that UAS received not to land notice because it is judged not to meet the criteria eligible to visit Singapore.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore also opened a voice regarding the reasons for the refusal of UAS. UAS’s sermon on suicide bombings in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was brought up.

“Somad is known as an extremist preacher and teaches segregation, which is unacceptable in Singapore’s multi-racial and multi-religious society. For example, Somad has preached that suicide bombings are legal in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and are considered a ‘martyrdom’ operation. ,” wrote the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore.

“He also made derogatory comments about members of other religious communities, such as Christians, by describing the Christian cross as the abode of ‘pagan jinns’. In addition, Somad openly referred to non-Muslims as ‘kafir’ (kafir), ‘ continued the statement.

In the aftermath of UAS being refused entry to Singapore, UAS supporters held a demonstration in front of the Singapore Embassy in Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday (20/5) yesterday. There were 3 demands of the Perisai masses regarding the demonstration which were conveyed in a notification to the Polda Metro Jaya:

1. Criticize and strongly condemn the unpleasant acts committed by Singapore Immigration against Ustaz Abdul Somad.
2. Requesting the Singaporean Embassy in Indonesia to provide clarification and openly apologize.
3. Expel the Singaporean Ambassador for expelling Ustaz who is respected by the Indonesian people.

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UAS supporters from the Sarekat Islam Ideological Defense (Shield) also asked the Singapore Embassy to apologize for the UAS rejection. They threatened to expel the Singapore Embassy if they did not apologize within 2×24 hours.

“For the guidance that we convey today, we ask the Singaporean government to immediately apologize publicly. And if within 2×24 hours the government does not apologize, then we ourselves will expel the Singapore Embassy from Indonesian soil,” said the field coordinator. , Muhammad Senatha, told reporters, Friday (30/5/2022).

According to him, Singapore’s refusal is a form of discrimination against UAS. This refusal also, he continued, injures Muslims in Indonesia.

“What happened only happened to UAS. It means, there is a different status, there is a different treatment. From this treatment we read that UAS was a radical, labeled a terrorist. Where did he say something like that? Islamophobia itself,” he continued.

He said Perisai plans to hold demonstrations again with a larger mass escalation if the Singapore government through the Embassy does not apologize.

The police also opened their voices regarding the threat of the mass supporters of UAS. More on next page.

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