Strict anti-contagion: obligation to wear a mask outdoors and prohibition to park on the street

Even in Sicily comes the obligation to wear a mask even outdoors. But with that there is also the “ban on gathering”. The president of the Nello Musumeci Region has just signed the ordinance – in force from Wednesday 30 September to 30 October, except for extensions – which requires the use of personal protective equipment to all people over six years of age: the mask must always be worn , but if you are outdoors only in the presence of other people and unless they are “related or cohabiting”. Excluded are “those who carry out intense physical activity, provided that the interpersonal distancing can be maintained”: the obligation, however, comes back into force as soon as you stop playing sports.

However, it is not the only rule provided for by the ordinance. In fact, the “ban on gathering by prolonged parking in public places or places open to the public such as, by way of example, streets, squares and parks” also takes effect. In other words: today you can make a small crowd on the street, from Wednesday you can no longer be in the presence of relatives. Authorized initiatives and production activities are an exception.

“The measures we adopt with this ordinance – highlights Musumeci – focus on controls and prevention of people who are fragile or more exposed to contagion. Our constant and repeated calls for caution have unfortunately not been adequately collected by everyone and we are entering a difficult phase of the epidemic, with the arrival of the flu season. The text is once again based on the principle of loyal collaboration between all the institutions and dialogue with professionals, whom the councilor Razza will soon meet again with the Technical Scientific Committee. We have learned that the most important key to addressing this emergency is the timeliness of decisions and the prediction of future events. Sicily does not want a new lockdown, but to prevent it we must all commit ourselves, especially the youngest ”.

There are also new rules for access to the island. The provision reiterates for anyone entering Sicily “coming from EU and / or non-EU states”, that is, from anywhere, to register on the website or to communicate their presence to the health service: for Sicilians, however, there is an obligation to use both precautions by registering on the site and notifying your family doctor. The rule, in this case, is retroactive: you have to do it even if you have returned to Sicily in the last seven days. It also takes a screening with rapid swabs on healthcare personnel.

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