Strengthening the Affected Area: A Combination Approach to Elbow Surgery and Ligament Transplantation

Strengthening the Affected Area: A Combination Approach to Elbow Surgery and Ligament Transplantation

Strengthening the affected area using a combination of Tommy John surgery and artificial ligament transplantation

Nez Valero, who represents Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani, announced through the team on the 19th (20th Japan time) that Ohtani underwent successful surgery on his right elbow on the same day. The surgeon was Dr. Neil Elatrosch of Karlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles. He studied under Frank Jobe, a leading authority on elbow ligament reconstruction (Tommy John surgery), and is now considered America’s leading elbow authority.

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The type of surgery Otani underwent has not been made public. However, based on the reports in the United States, “I believe that a hybrid surgery was performed,” says Kozo Furushima, vice president of Keiyu Orthopedic Hospital, who has performed many Tommy John surgeries in Japan. He’s a doctor.

Hybrid surgery is a surgery in which an artificial ligament is transplanted in addition to the patient’s own tendon at the site of damage to the medial collateral ligament. The surgical procedure is the same as Tommy John surgery, but an artificial ligament is also transplanted, which is expected to have the effect of increasing the strength of the injured area.

“The ligament that was injured this time is in a different location than the previous one.During this surgery, we also checked and repaired the frayed ligament that was transplanted last time, and we believe that the ligament was repaired by transplanting the patient’s own tendon and artificial ligament.” It is called hybrid surgery because it is a combination of traditional Tommy John surgery and artificial ligament grafting.It is used when surgery is being performed for the second time or more.

The rehabilitation process is not much different from that of Tommy John surgery, and he is not expected to fully return to pitching until next summer. In a statement released by the team, Dr. Elatroche expected that, as with his previous surgery, he will first return to action as a hitter in 2024, and his return as a two-way player will likely occur after 2025.

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