Strengthen the orientation of beneficiaries to complete 5 things to accept applications for real estate • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The general secretariat of the committees for the consideration of real estate applications affiliated with the General State Real Estate Authority (Hakam) said that during the examination and review phase of the applications, it monitored a series of observations on the applications submitted through the “Ehkam” platform.

He explained that it was monitored: applications submitted by owners and saved without completing the required procedures, applications that did not complete the payment of financial compensation, or failure to present a social security certificate, or that the application was still with the engineering office, and the presence of applications that have been returned to the applicant to meet certain requirements necessary to study the application, and the beneficiary has not completed the application to date.

The Secretariat invited the owners of real estate applications to quickly complete their applications by the end of the application receipt period on 5/5 / 14144H corresponding to 11/29/2022, and to speed up the fulfillment of obligations during the period of law.

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