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CDU / CSU parliamentary group adopts position paper on digital education offensive

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, the CDU / CSU parliamentary group decided on their demands for a digital education offensive. The deputy chairwoman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Nadine Schön, and the spokesperson for the digital agenda, Tankred Schipanski, explain:

Nadine Schön: “On the federal side, we have been supporting the infrastructure expansion for schools with the digital pact since 2019. We are also providing a further 500 million euros each for student and teacher laptops and administration. Because we want digital education to take a big leap forward across Germany. In the current crisis, many school administrators, teachers and students are demonstrating great initiative and creativity, developing and testing digital formats. We will systematically support this awakening, for example through competence centers that improve the transfer of knowledge between the relevant actors and accompany schools and school authorities in the digital transformation. We also propose standards for technological and didactic offers and for data protection. “

Tankred Schipansky: “We contribute to the improvement of digital school education with short and medium-term solutions. The teacher training is the Achilles verse of digital school education. Here we propose to develop a training and mentoring platform that can be located at the competence centers. Because digitization can only succeed with good modular online teacher training. We are also committed to the rapid licensing of digital content. Too often digital lessons fail because of a wrong understanding of data protection, which is then interpreted differently from country to country. Therefore, we want a uniform safety test for digital learning materials, which must be carried out by the responsible ministers of education and state data protection officers. In the future, this can no longer be the responsibility of the teachers, as was the case in some schools. “

The position paper can be found here:

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