Strength of Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 Tested at the eSport Kemenpora Cup

Illustration of Samsung Galaxy A71. Photo: Samsung, JAKARTA – Samsung announces their participation in the Kemenpora eSports Cup championship, as an official sponsor.

The event, which was held on August 17 to October 13, 2020, will be attended by junior and senior high school students to university level.

All participants used Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71, as the competition’s official cellphone.

“In addition to supporting gamers through qualified features in the Galaxy A series of smartphones, Samsung is also the official sponsor of the 2020 Kemenpora trophy,” said Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronic Indonesia, Irfan Rinaldi.

In line with Irfan, President of IESPL Giring Ganesha said Samsung’s presence as a sponsor is very appropriate, because it presents a device that is suitable for gamers’ needs.

“We believe that the product which is a market leader in Indonesia has the ability to support the needs of an e-sport championship, because participants also ask for devices that support the big screen,” Giring said.

“In addition, participants are also satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy A series.”

“For me, this is a manifestation of Samsung’s commitment to the advancement of Indonesia’s e-sport and we express our heartfelt thanks,” Giring said.

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