StreetScooter postpones the end of production, it will produce a few thousand more electrical supplies for DHL

The German post office Deutsche Post DHL has started to produce its own StreetScooter electrical supplies as a bad thing. Their production was to end this year.

The German StreetScooter electric mail vans were created at a time when large car manufacturers were not interested in producing such cars. But that has changed and today the offer of electrical supplies is relatively rich. Recently, e.g. Ford e-Transit.
foto: StreetScooter

StreetScooter electrical supplies began to emerge at a time when there was virtually no other alternative on the market. Deutsche Post DHL had nothing to choose from, so it started making its own cars. It already operates over 10,000 of them.

But over time, problems arose, especially financial ones – StreetScooter simply did not make money. She was to save the subsidiary expansion to China and the USA, which failed. It was planned to stop production.

According to reports from the German magazine, however, it will production was extended by a few months until 2021. DHL will make a few thousand deliveries for its own use. Deutsche Post DHL wants to achieve zero emissions for its fleet by 2050.


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