Street Fighter 6: An Impressive Game with Excellent Perfection and Enjoyment

Looking back on my childhood, it seems that only very famous or great things were considered in the news. Street Fighter 2 thus remains as an exceptionally great game in the memory of reporters. Street Fighter 2 was covered on the airwaves 9 p.m. news, and in my childhood memories, Street Fighter 2 was such a great game that it appeared on the news.

About 30 years have passed since then, and Street Fighter 6 has come out. In the middle of the 3D fighting game era, it suffered ups and downs with the Street Fighter series, but it is admirable that it overcame it and represents the fighting genre again.

However, Street Fighter 6 is not worthwhile simply because it is the latest in a series that has been going on for a long time. Even after erasing the history of the series, Street Fighter 6 has excellent perfection and enjoyment. In terms of entertainment, depth of battle, beginner convenience, and so on.

The fun of playing against others, which is the essence of fighting games, is certain. The fighting system using the arrow keys and six buttons has not changed much from the past, but Capcon has introduced a new system for each work in the Street Fighter series to induce a different fighting style.

A new drive system was added to Street Fighter 6. It consists of drive impact, drive parry, over drive, drive rush, drive reversal, etc., and actively utilizes them to meet the opponent’s attack on purpose, aiming for a counter and continuing with a combo, strengthening special moves, performing basic moves, and trying to rush the opponent. You may.

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Interestingly, this system element is an element that traces can be found in the series before SPA 6. Since it is not a completely new element, existing series users can use it in battle without difficulty. In addition, it is possible to try a more aggressive operation rather than a boring play that only checks from afar, and when cornered, which is a difficult situation for beginners, it is possible to aim for a reversal in a situation where you only have to defend against an attack.

The single player content is another point to praise in this game. Street Fighter 6 single-player content, World Tour mode, has a level of perfection that could have been sold as a separate standalone game. As you travel around the open world, you can meet various characters from Street Fighter, build relationships, learn skills, and gradually make your character stronger.

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Also, in this process, the game can be played with a combination of different configurations from the original, such as combining the skills of several characters to keep them in check, but using command grabs at close range.

In addition to character development, in this process, you can naturally practice the game’s basic battles to learn combos or find ways to respond to specific patterns. It is also eye-catching that you can enjoy classic games released by Capcom in the past as games within the game.

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