Streeck currently sees no “second corona wave”

Updated August 5, 2020, 2:49 p.m.

Bonn (AP) – The virologist Hendrik Streeck can currently see neither a significant increase in numbers nor a so-called second wave in the course of the corona pandemic in Germany.

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“In fact, the term” second wave “is not an epidemiological term, but arose during the Spanish flu, which returned with full force after a first infection in autumn,” explained the Bonn scientist in an interview with

“I therefore find the term” perm “more appropriate. The infections do not go away, but we will have to learn to integrate the virus into our everyday life.” As with other corona viruses, you will always see a decrease in infections in summer, an increase in spring, autumn and winter. “I can’t see that we’re in a second wave now,” said Streeck. “Apart from a few sudden outliers, there is no significant increase right now, and I see an increase as is currently the case in Spain Germany not coming either. ”
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