Streamer Maddyson Discusses Leaked Build of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and Developer Reaction

Streamer Ilya Maddyson Davydov spoke about the emergence of a way to play the leaked build S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. The content maker noted the reaction of the developers to this situation, and also doubted that gamers should run this build of the title. Post Davydov published in Telegram.

Published with the spelling and punctuation of the source preserved

The merged build of stalker 2 was broken, and I even saw a couple of streams on twitch, but the channels are already banned (and they are demolished instantly, which means the developers are burning up). I think on YouTube they will also strike any content in which they show a leak. Personally, I even xs, is it worth it to download and see what’s there. Who has already managed to play – is there content there or is it a completely raw build? What’s in it anyway?

On May 30, a 200 GB build of STALKER 2 was leaked to the network, and on June 1, an enthusiast under the nickname RedPanda found a way to play it. Earlier, the author of the leak posted about 16 GB of materials on the shooter in the public domain. He also said that the title is only 25% ready, and the studio staff regularly encounter revisions and expect a release no earlier than the second half of 2024. does not support the activities of hackers and “pirates”. By downloading hacked games, you deprive developers of profits – buy licensed copies in official stores.

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