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He was the reason for many victories and dominated like no other. Derrick Henry was the dream of every fantasy football fan and now what we fear most has come true: an injury. How to replace Henry in Fantasy Football and what the tops and flops of Fantasy Football Week 8 were, you can hear and see here. We also talk about players trending or ending, all waiver wire pick ups after week 8 and of course we wonder which vegetables are hard to cut. Have fun! ⏲️ This is what awaits you in this episode of our Fantasy Football Podcast: 00:00 Intro 00:33 Which vegetables are difficult to cut? 13:26 The uncomfortable weekly review 20:47 The Stoned Lack Songline … a Star is born? 29:17 The tops and flops of week 8 59:45 Ending or Trending 1:22:08 Waiver Wire after week 8 ???? OUR DISCORD IS FINALLY ONLINE! We’re managing our leagues through Discord this year. Dynasty and re-draft, this is where the Stoned Lack Army has a home. There are also other conversations about foxes and Easter here! Click here – ???? You want to support us. Completely voluntary here: … ???? As a secret lifestyle podcast, of course, suitable Stoned Lack Fantasy Football Merchandise must not be missing: ~~~~ Stoned Lack Social Media ~~~~ ???? Twitter: ???? Twitch: ???? Instagram: ???? Facebook : ????‍???? TikTok: Also visit our new homepage and don’t miss any of our live streams: https: //www.fantasy-football .tv #fantasyfootball # nflfantasy2021 #fantasyfootballpodcast

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