Strange weather event in Texas: it’s raining fish!

Earlier this week, residents of the city of Texarkana, Texas, reported small fish falling from the sky in what appeared to be a historic weather event.

However, the reality was more mundane: The fish, several of which were the size of the palm of a hand, were likely picked up by a waterspout and fell back to land as it lost momentum, the City said. to residents in a Facebook post.

Although rare, “fish showers” can occur when the weather is perfect and the fish are just light enough.

This is because fish are picked up from the ground by powerful downpours, which start in the air and descend to the surface of the water. As these waterspouts get bigger, the vortex in the center of it can start picking up small, light objects, including fish. When the waterspout loses energy, these small objects fall back.

The residents of Texarkana were relatively baffled by this bizarre weather event. One of them, Tim Brigham, said he thought it was “pretty cool” to see tiny fish falling from the sky and took the opportunity to pick them up to use as bait. fishing.

Several other residents have posted photos on social media, small fish in their hands. It was the City who had invited them to do so.

It was the first time it had rained fish in the state of Texas. However, in 2017, California saw the same thing happen. Officials at Oroville Primary School reported that 100 fish fell on the school from the sky.

It also happened in the town of Lajamanu, in the Northern Territory of Australia, in 2010.

Source : CNN



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