Strange SEA Games Final, Esports National Team Protests for 2 Hours

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

national team ESports Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) protested until the medal ceremony was delayed for two hours after the final SEA Games 2021 (2022).

The final match between Indonesia and the Philippines took place at the Vietnam National Convention Center, Hanoi, Friday (20/5). In this final match, Indonesia was declared defeated 1-3, which then continued with loud protests.

Protests from Indonesia because Filipino players are considered to have asked for a delay or suspension of the match. In the rules of the race handbook, the delay in the middle of the match is a maximum of five times.

In practice, Filipino players immediately started the game without notifying the referee in advance after the break. This condition surprised Indonesian players so they could easily be attacked by opponents.

The manager of the ESports National Team, Tjahjono Prasetyanto said there were a number of irregularities, namely there were many pauses. Therefore, Indonesia filed a note of protest and asked for a rematch.

“Of technical handbook five rules [pause] which can. Second, we have submitted an appeal regarding the pause, whether it was intentional or not,” said Tjahjono after the medal presentation.

“This means that if it is intentional, the mood of the players who are playing is disturbed. It should be fair if the pause is about to be revoked, it is informed. On average, they play again. They do things like that,” added Tjahjono.

However, Indonesia’s suspicions about the game’s intentionality and repetition cannot be fulfilled. The reason is that there is no recorded conversation from the athletes in the match.

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“We protested to the committee, only they said it was not proven. Usually there is a recording of ESports matches. This doesn’t exist at all. So it’s paused for what can’t be known,” said Tjahjono.

The MLBB national team members who appeared in this final were Albert Neilsen Iskandar, Gilang ‘Sanz’, Calvin Winata, Nicky Fernando Pontonuwu, Calvin ‘Vynnn’, Rivaldi Fatah, and Ihsan Besari Kusudana.

Rivaldi said the match which took place in the morning was an obstacle. Preparation for three months is also felt to be lacking. Therefore, this is to be used as a lesson for the next event.

“The match is in the morning, though. We are still not used to it. Maybe it will be a lesson for us too. The conditions are not conducive because there are a lot of connection problems,” said Rivaldi.


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  1. who TF wrote this article?
    1: players cannot unpause the game, only the marshall can do that.
    2: after resuming the game there’s a countdown before they can continue the match, you cannot start attacking the enemy immediately after unpausing the game. how can team PH attack them immediately after resuming the game? that excuse is stupid.
    they lost bec their coach sucks at drafting and R7, CW, and Vyn messed up.
    R7 over extending, CW and Vyn not checking the bush.

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