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Among the most awaited guests of the episode of the show hosted by Maria De Filippi. She intervened to give comfort to a family from Caserta: her arrival left everyone breathless with the proposed new look. Acclaimed by all especially on social media

Golden blonde, like the gold of the pool from which the very blonde Charlize Theron emerges in the now historic clip for the fragrance «’adore Dior» has carved the image of the model and actress in the collective imagination as the blonde icon par excellence. So when yesterday, January 28, 2023, the awaited (almost) surprise guest of «You’ve Got Mail», the television format hosted on Canale 5 by Maria De Filippi, Theron appeared on one side of the envelope. She entered the Canale 5 studios with an unexpected look: straight, dark hair, a suit created with slim-fit trousers and a waistcoat over a white shirt «à la garçonne» to quote Mademoiselle Coco (Chanel). An apt choice for the delicate moment within the transmission but also of great impact. As commented by the social networks that found her at Oscar’s.

The apparition of Theron was greeted warmly then went to embrace the guests seated in front of the famous “open and close” envelope. Signora Francesca (Franchina) and her family, affected by the loss of their 29-year-old son Vincenzo, who died in his sleep from cardiac arrhythmia. A tragic disappearance that cracked the union of the family nucleus: Franchina became more attached to Paolo, her other son, while her husband Alessandro clung to Cristina, her third child. The presence at «You’ve got mail», a request from father and daughter, for the family to be united again. The actress was very empathetic and spoke to those present. “Life is sometimes ruthless but sometimes also surprising to the point of looking like a movie – she said -. The wounds are recent, it’s obvious to feel that way. But then you will have to decide whether to stay like this or start a new chapter ». She then underlined to Mrs. Franchina: «Let’s never forget who is no longer there but we must remember those who are still here».

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Then Theron gave the woman a pendant worn during the filming of the film «The Old Guard». «A film that tells the story of immortals in search of the meaning of their lives». He showed her her pendant. «He gave it to Me a very dear person. I wore it throughout the film. I want to give it to her because if she thinks about the meaning of her life, it’s here in front of her », indicating her husband and daughter. And finally her envelope opened.

De Filippi responded to Charlize Theron’s boyish look with a rather improbable lemon yellow suit. Carried as always with ease as the presenter usually moves. Theron’s picks are very popular. Perhaps because they are tailored to a woman of great beauty and close to the so-called boa, say 50 years old. Theron was born on August 7, 1975 in Benoni, South Africa, then naturalized in the United States. Thus she forgot for a moment the image of the platinum Jean Harlow-esque diva in favor of a more combative woman. A choice not linked to this appearance of hers, but made by Theron from a period that already began at the end of 2022 and linked to script requirements. Among other things, the actress combines a strong social commitment to the set.

At the end of 2022, the film by Paul Feig “The School for Good and Evil” was released, where Theron plays Lady Leonora Lesso, the dean of the School of Evil. She appears with curly, copper-colored hair. But it’s not the first time she’s shown up with dark hair. Also in the past the actress played several roles in which she (just like her in the film «The Old Guard») she appeared in dark colors. After all, a choice that is very popular with the public. Acclaimed on social media. Confirm the comments of the fans to the image of the star recently photographed with a Dior look equally à la garçonne.

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The model and actress is socially engaged, godmother and supporter of the organization Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (@ctaop); she does it too wearing garments by the African designer Thebe Magugu elected in 2022 by Vogue Usa among the 100 most innovative and innovative creatives. And also in this case Theron appears with a decisive look compared to the blonde model of catwalks and beauty campaigns. Today Charlize Theron is a single mother of two adopted children. She has been linked to Stephan Jenkins, songwriter of Third Eye Blind. She then her for nine years she was engaged to the actor Stuart Townsend and she has been attributes flirt never confirmed with Keanu Reeves, Eric Thal and Ryan Reynolds.

In 2015 he had a much talked about story with Sean Penn, and a liaison with
the actor Alexander Skarsgård, with whom she would be back together in 2018. Today she is romantically linked to the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 45-year-old former partner of Halle Berry. In 2012, after acquiring US citizenship, she decided to fulfill her dream and become a mother by adopting two children: Jackson and August, both adopted as single mothers. She has received several awards: Oscar for Monster (2003), the first South African to receive an Oscar in one of the main categories and the Golden Globe. She also a Screen Actors Guild Award, the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.


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