Story of Iis Sugianto Infected with Covid-19, Tongue Numb to Resignation

JAKARTA, – A few days ago a senior singer Iis Sugianto reported that he had tested positive Covid-19.

Iis Sugianto shared his experience from the beginning of experiencing symptoms to fighting the virus for about three weeks.

Starting from high fever

Iis Sugianto said that initially he had a fever with a very high temperature, but it suddenly returned to normal.

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“I ventured into the lab myself and was finally diagnosed with typhus. But on the third day the fever was very high, 38.7 degrees, I felt uneasy,” said Iis Sugianto, quoted from the YouTube channel Iis Sugianto New, Wednesday (9/16/2020 ).

Iis went to the hospital emergency room again and one of them, his blood was drawn to be checked. He also did a rapid test but the results were non-reactive and was still diagnosed with typhus.

However, Iis was still hospitalized and the next day an internal medicine doctor checked her condition.

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“‘Mrs. Iis, it looks like the thorax results of Mrs. Iis’ lungs are suspicious. Mrs. Iis’ lungs are like mucus, this must be swab test yes, “said Iis Sugianto, repeating the doctor’s sentence.

After a few hours, he tested positive for Covid-19 and had to move to a special hospital for handling the virus.

Accept the condition


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