Story of Iis Sugianto Infected with Covid-19, Tongue Numb to Resignation Page all

JAKARTA, – A few days ago a senior singer Iis Sugianto reported that he had tested positive Covid-19.

Iis Sugianto shared his experience from the beginning of experiencing symptoms to fighting the virus for about three weeks.

Starting from high fever

Iis Sugianto said that initially he had a fever with a very high temperature, but it suddenly returned to normal.

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“I ventured into the lab myself and was finally diagnosed with typhus. But on the third day the fever was very high, 38.7 degrees, I felt uneasy,” said Iis Sugianto, quoted from the YouTube channel Iis Sugianto New, Wednesday (9/16/2020 ).

Iis went to the hospital emergency room again and one of them, his blood was drawn to be checked. He also did a rapid test but the results were non-reactive and was still diagnosed with typhus.

However, Iis was still hospitalized and the next day an internal medicine doctor checked her condition.

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“‘Mrs. Iis, it looks like the thorax results of Mrs. Iis’ lungs are suspicious. Mrs. Iis’ lungs are like mucus, this must be swab test yes, “said Iis Sugianto, repeating the doctor’s sentence.

After a few hours, he tested positive for Covid-19 and had to move to a special hospital for handling the virus.

Accept the condition

After being tested positive for infection, Iis Sugianto was certainly surprised and immediately thought of his three children.

“What was on my mind at that time were children. I am in a state of 50 percent I am cured, 50 percent this is the end of my life. And I want to send a letter to my children,” said Iis Sugianto.

Iis said he wanted to send the letter especially to his eldest son who lives in the United States.

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Iis Sugianto said he wanted to write the last message because there are many realities that tell Covid-19 patients to end their struggle with grief.

“I am also an ordinary human being, must accept what has been outlined that the age has been determined by Allah SWT. Maybe this is the moment. I thought that was the case at that time,” said Iis Sugianto.

On the one hand, they also have to fight to increase their immunity.

“I don’t know if I can get through all of this. I really don’t know, I just gave up,” said Iis Sugianto. REINIS KUMAMPUNG Singer Iis Sugianto when met at the Golden Memories Asia press conference, at SCTV Tower, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (29/8/2019).

The tongue cannot feel

Iis explained the physical impact of Covid-19 when it attacked it.

“For me (the impact) I have a high fever, but I am not breathless, I don’t cough, and I still smell,” said Iis Sugianto.

“But there is no appetite because my tongue has no taste at all. Like there is a taste of sulfur and a taste when it is salty, very salty, if it is sweet, it is very sweet,” he explained again.

In addition, he also experienced a dsrah condition that was not normal.

“At that time, my blood viscosity was up to three times that of a normal person. It was also fortunate that the doctor was cared for and maintained by the doctor so that my blood viscosity could be maintained. So that’s the advantage that I was treated,” said Iis Sugianto.

Now that he can return home, Iis reminds the public to always wear a mask.

“Hopefully my information can be useful for all my friends to maintain health. Life cannot be without a mask at all. So there is no day without a mask,” said Iis Sugianto.


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