Story of COVID-19 survivor Hans Virgoro: I am not symptomatic, …


JAKARTA – Survivor COVID-19, Hans Virgoro is one who has been exposed and one of hundreds of thousands of people who have recovered from COVID-19. He also shared that he was exposed to COVID-19 until he recovered.

“So if I actually have no symptoms, yes, yes. So at the beginning I was exposed to COVID-19, it wasn’t all of a sudden I wanted to swab or I wanted to check that I had any symptoms of COVID-19 or not, “Hans said in a virtual discussion at the Media Center for the Task Force for Handling COVID-19, Graha BNPB, Jakarta, Monday (28/9/2020). (Also read: 17% of people are sure that they are safe from Covid-19, Doni: that’s almost 50 million people)

Hans said that the medical procedure required him to undergo a swab test. “So I wanted medical action, I was required to take a swab. So after I swab I turned out to be positive, “he said.

Hans also admitted that he was surprised that he was positive for COVID-19. In fact, he admitted that he had followed the health protocol and even actively exercised and took vitamins. “At first I was also surprised how come I could be positive. Even though I have implemented all the health protocols, I also exercise, I also take vitamins. Suddenly I was shocked, too. “

“So after that I talked to my friend a doctor for a thoracic or CT scan photo of the lungs. In fact, after a CT scan, the result was pneumonia. Because the result was pneumonia and my swab was positive, it means I can say that I am COVID-19, ”said Hans.

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So, you don’t feel any pain at all or are there any indications of pain in between? “Actually, I don’t feel anything, it’s just a little bit like I want the flu, I just want the flu. Nobody asked me, coughing, flu or sneezing or something, no, nothing. So it’s true that you want a mild flu, “said Hans.

Hans admitted that he was confused when he was positive for COVID-19 before deciding to quarantine at home. “At first I was confused, what are you doing? I have to go to the hospital or something, “he said.

“Then I called a friend of mine, one of the doctors, he said what about quarantine at home? Is there anyone home? Incidentally, I live with no one, huh, only with my assistant 1 person. So I quarantined at home and my friend who was a doctor said, but if you have to commit to quarantine at home, you can’t do this, not that one, “said Hans.

Hans also said that quarantine at home must be truly committed and supported by adequate equipment. “So it’s really a commitment. Like we have to have an oximeter that measures oxygen, we have to have oxygen reserves, continue to take medicines, vitamins, nutritious food, so make a commitment to yourself if we really want to quarantine at home, like that. (Also read: BPS Discloses Facts 17 out of 100 people believe they will not catch COVID-19)

In addition, Hans said that after he was confirmed positive, he immediately contacted friends he had met 7 days earlier. “I told my friends that at least it had to be a PCR swab or one that had been legalized to be able to do what the COVID-19 test was. And thank God, actually none of my friends were affected, none of them were affected after meeting me, “he concluded.

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