Story of a relentless grip, Vanessa Springora’s “Le Allowance” now resonates on stage

“Give this word to be heard” in the present: after the success in the bookstore, “Le Allowance” by Vanessa Springora, which tells of the relationship under the influence of the publisher, then a teenager, with the writer Gabriel Matzneff, lands on the tables at Toulon, with Ludivine Sagnier in the title role.

“So is it all true? Aren’t they … a fiction?”: Behind a translucent veil in the background you can glimpse a blurred nude silhouette. The frozen actress, with a distorted voice, recalls the anxiety attacks and psychotic episodes that followed her relationship with the famous writer, 30 years older than her, who left an indelible “imprint” in her life. .

With terror and helplessness, the spectators of the room of the Théâtre Châteauvallon-Liberté – deliberately chosen to preserve an intimate relationship with the public – gradually see the trap of the sexual predator “with a carnivorous smile” closing on its prey, a teenager in the resigned father who desperately wants to be loved.