Storms in Germany, Switzerland and France cause dozens of road accidents and floods / day

In Germany, thunderstorms and heavy rains have affected southern and western Germany.

Bavaria has flooded several villages, including Memlingen near Frankfurt, where water and mud have flooded the streets and cellars.

In Stuttgart, on Monday evening, the wind tore off part of the roof of the opera house and toppled several statues. The opera stage has been partially flooded, and a large piece of siding has fallen into the opera garden. During the storm, a performance took place at the opera, which was attended by about 250 people, but no one was injured.

Opera director Oliver Hendrik told AFP news that the damage to the opera is still being assessed.

In Stuttgart, rescue services received more than 330 calls and the storm disrupted train traffic for several hours. Firefighters had to remove fallen trees from the rails.

There are also several road tunnels in and around Stuttgart. The city also experienced strong hail and flooded streets.

In Baden-Württemberg, where Stuttgart is located, as well as in Bavaria and Hesse, the rain has been particularly heavy. Dozens of road accidents have been registered there. There have been seven accidents on the A3 and A48 motorways, in which one person has been seriously injured and three minor injuries.

In Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, the emergency services have received hundreds of calls about flooded basements, fallen trees, landslides and drivers stuck in their cars.

In Switzerland, in the canton of Lucerne, the size of hail has reached seven centimeters in diameter, while in the canton of Friborg, police and firefighters have received about 300 calls, including about 16 students and two adults surprised by a strong hail. Six children and one adult were hospitalized.

At least five people have been affected by the storms in German-speaking Swiss cantons, including a cyclist injured in a head-on hail, the Swiss news agency ATS reported.

In the Vosges region of France, hailstones fell several centimeters thick on Tuesday, and people had to resort to snow shovels.

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The meteorological service “Meteo France” has issued warnings about possible storms in the north-east of France.

In Germany, meteorologists predict that bad weather will continue until Tuesday evening, with possible new thunderstorms and heavy rain.

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