World Storm "Tomris" brought gusts of up to 154 km...

Storm “Tomris” brought gusts of up to 154 km / h –


  1. Storm “Tomris” brought gusts of up to 154 km / h
  2. After “Petra” and “Sabine”, “Tomris” is now storming – Aargauer Zeitung expects the most intense phase this evening
  3. After “Petra” and “Sabine”, “Tomris” is now storming +++ Most intense phase on Thursday evening +++ Mild weekend | St.Galler Tagblatt St.Galler Tagblatt
  4. Next storm low – After «Lolita», «Petra» and «Sabine» comes now «Tomris» Swiss Radio and Television (SRF)
  5. “Tomris” storm rages – on weekends up to 18 degrees
  6. See “Learn More” on Google News



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