Store chain ‘Biotēka’ becomes part of Baltic chain ‘Livin’

Latvian eco – shop “Biotēka” merged with Baltic retail and e-commerce network “Livin”. By investing more than 400,000 euros, Livin will improve the customer experience to become the largest healthy lifestyle retail chain in the Baltics with a wider range of products.

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The brand’s growth strategy envisages a gradual increase in the range of food supplements offered by more than 300 different types and the opening of larger stores in the near future, introducing customers to fresh food and local Latvian farmers’ products such as dairy products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and frozen food.

Livin positions itself as a mentor and partner for a healthy, ecological, natural and sustainable lifestyle and stands for the principle: a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to everyone.

From 11 October, Livin stores will operate in two modes, red and green (green mode means that customers with a vaccination or disease certificate can shop in stores; red mode means that everyone, including non-vaccinated customers, can shop in stores).

Livin stores are located in nine places in Riga.

Three private companies, three ecological pioneers – “Biotēka”, which has been operating in Latvia since 2005, “Livinn” and “Biosala”, which Lithuania have been active in the market since 2007, were merged under the Livin brand to consolidate the market and develop the largest healthy lifestyle retail chain in the Baltics, after BaltCap Growth Fund invested to become Livin’s major shareholder.

Currently, Livin has online stores in all Baltic countries, as well as 22 stores in Lithuania and Riga.


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