Stop the war. The hands we have shaken have that power, Pelé appeals to Putin

Former legendary footballer Pelé has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the invasion of Ukraine. The 81-year-old Brazilian did so on the social network Instagram.

“Today, Ukrainians have tried to forget about the tragedy that struck their country for at least ninety minutes,” Pelé wrote after Ukrainian footballers defeated Scotland 3: 1 on Wednesday and will play in the World Cup finals with Wales.

“Playing for the World Cup is challenging in itself and it’s even harder if you know lives are in danger,” said the three-time world champion, calling on the Russian president to end the conflict.

“Stop the invasion. There is no single justification for continuing such violence,” Pelé said. “When we once met, it never occurred to me that something would divide us like that,” added the former famous striker.

“We smiled at each other and shook hands. And in the same hands we took in 2017, you now have the power to stop the conflict,” concluded Pelé, who is currently being treated for cancer.

Pele’s message to the Russian president:

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