Stop! Ridiculous Content Teens Engage Truck Ends in Death, Driver Can Be Jailed?


The actions of teenagers blocking trucks that lead to death often occur in Indonesia. This behavior needs to be stopped so as not to cause more casualties. If the driver can’t dodge, what will happen to him?

Recently a tragic event occurred in Tangerang City, Banten. One teenager with the initials Y (18) died after stopping a truck on Jalan Otto Iskandar, Karawaci, Tangerang City on Friday (3/6) at 11.30 WIB. The police suspect that the action was carried out for the sake of content.

Previously, a similar incident also occurred in Sukabumi. boy with the initials RA (14). He died when he was run over by a truck while trying to stop a truck on the South Ring Road, Mangkalaya, Cisaat, Sukabumi Regency, Friday (1/4/2022). Police said the accident occurred when the victim and seven other friends made YouTube video content.

“They just want to make content that they block trucks on the road without considering the safety of life. This is a ridiculous act that needs our attention. Moreover, this is the umpteenth time that has resulted in the death of the victim,” said Observer for Transportation and Legal Issues, Budiyanto in his statement. , Wednesday (8/6/2022).

This retired traffic police officer with the last rank of Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) said that from the driver’s point of view, driving a large vehicle cannot stop immediately. It takes time and distance.

“If you apply sudden braking with a heavy load, there is a risk that the truck will roll over, and it can crash into nearby vehicles. Likewise, if you throw it to the right or to the left, it is also very risky and causes huge losses,” explained Budiyanto.

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He continued, the driver could not brake suddenly. If someone jumps in front of a moving truck, especially at high speed, it has the potential to cause a traffic accident.

“Once again, it is very difficult. Then if an accident occurs and results in the victim’s death, in my opinion the driver should not be blamed because it is beyond the ability of the driver. The incident was also caused by the behavior of the victim himself,” said Budiyanto.

Budiyanto added that in accordance with Article 234 paragraph 3 of the Road Transport Traffic Act that every driver who due to negligence causes a traffic accident must be responsible for the loss suffered by the victim, but this responsibility does not apply if;

1. there is an unavoidable force situation or beyond the ability of the Driver;
2. caused by the behavior of the victim himself or a third party; and/or
3. caused by the movement of people and/or animals even though precautions have been taken

On the other hand, although the driver is not entirely at fault. The police continue to carry out investigations in accordance with the criminal procedure law in accordance with statutory regulations.

“The investigation process is still ongoing, but most likely the process will be stopped for the sake of the law, it can be in SP3 (Warrant for Termination of Investigation),” he explained.

Budiyanto said that this phenomenon needed to be overcome with preventive measures such as socializing the dangers of stopping trucks.

“In the future, incidents like this should not be repeated, there needs to be integrated steps from all stakeholders to carry out preventive activities such as understanding, socializing and so on,” hoped Budiyanto.

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“Preventive activities are in the form of guarding, regulating and patrolling at vulnerable hours, and at the same time taking law enforcement steps,” he added.

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