Stop gluten and high cholesterol with homemade pasta made like this

Those who have to pay particular attention to their diet due to health problems often find themselves in difficulty when it comes to shopping. Organic, gluten-free, low-fat or low-sugar foods are often more expensive than traditional ones. The wallet ends up being affected.

Yet now with the widespread use of all types of household appliances, even cheap ones, it is possible to overcome some inconveniences and make our life a little easier. Let’s talk about the automatic pasta making machine. Those who have it can no longer do without it due to its many advantages.

Which ones are they?

  1. First of all, its cost has become accessible and excellent offers are frequent, especially online;
  2. the other not insignificant aspect is that we get rid of the clutter of the containers for the pasta in our pantry. Yes, because once the palate gets used to the flavors of homemade pasta, it is difficult to go back by buying the commercial one;
  3. its small footprint and its easy cleaning. It takes up very little space on the work surface and all its parts can be easily washed in the dishwasher;
  4. the quality of the pasta. Being able to choose which ones plain flour use and whether to make egg pasta or not, it meets all the health needs you need.

Stop gluten and high cholesterol with homemade pasta made like this

This clever appliance works extremely simply. Pour the flour and the amount of liquid needed to knead from the lid. You push the button and the machine does everything by itself. Knead in three minutes and let the desired pasta shape come out through an extruder.

The various models include a minimal kit, usually tagliatelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, fettuccine, macaroni and lasagna. But many other formats can be purchased separately. Some have the scale included, particularly not just, because it allows you to further simplify the procedure and get even less dirty.

In fact, the scale will automatically weigh the quantity of flour and tell us how much liquid to add. In this way, in the meantime that the water is boiling in the pot, we would have prepared the fresh pasta.

Health tips

Being able to select the flours to use, you can indulge your imagination and try to make it whole, ideal for those with high cholesterol. Or make it with gluten free flours, for the intolerant or for the sweet tooth try the chocolate noodles. Definitely reducing costs on spending and gaining health.

We can really say stop to gluten and high cholesterol with homemade pasta made like this every day, spending very little.

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