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Stop Eating Fish This Type If Still Loving Lives! Often at the dining table even though it can trigger Brain cancer – Check what fish this type is often a side dish at the dinner table?

If so, stop eating fish kind of because it can trigger brain cancer.

Eating trends fish In fact, it has started to be promoted in the community since the era of Susi Pudjiastuti as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs.

Since that, fish better known as an ingredient that is rich in benefits and nutrients.

In fact, long before that, many mothers had eaten a lot fish at home.

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The reason is not because of nutrition, but because fish has a much cheaper price than meat.

But, even eating fish must be with a sufficient background of knowledge, lo.

Even though it is considered healthy and low in cholesterol, in fact this type of fish can also trigger brain cancer.

How could that be?

Fish High in Mercury

The US Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (FDA) reported that there are several types of fish that contain mercury.

As we know, mercury is a poisonous substance.

The risk of mercury poisoning in fish can occur, especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies and children.

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Delicious dishes

Here’s a simple way to get rid of the fishy smell of fish

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Research shows that mercury has a bad effect on the brain.

This certainly will dangerous for child development.

Reporting from, the FDA and EPA suggest that women of childbearing age ranging from 16 years to 49 years should limit their consumption of mercury fish.

Then, how many servings of fish are safe for consumption?

Pregnant women and breastfeeding can eat three servings of fish with low mercury levels a week.

While fish with high mercury levels, eat it once a week.

Children two years of age and under can eat up to two servings per week.

In order not to consume the wrong type of fish, you should check the list of fish and mercury levels recommended by the FDA.

Fish with low mercury levels

– Perch fresh water
– Skate
– Skipjack Tuna (canned light)
– American and Spiny Lobster
– Jacksmelt
– Boston or Chub Mackarel

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– trout
– Squid
– crab
– Shells
– Catfish
– Teri
– Sardines
– Salmon
– Oysters
– Nila

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Fish with moderate levels of mercury

– Tuna (all types except bigeye and clams)
– grouper
– snapper
– Monkfish

Fish with high levels of mercury

– Swordfish
– Tilefish (fish from the Gulf of Mexico)
– Shark
– Marlin
– Tuna Bigeye

So, be careful when buying deep sea fish, especially yes, pay attention to the list of fish that contain high mercury, you shouldn’t buy it.

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Flush the Fish Wash Water to the Plants

Water used to wash fish is often thrown away immediately because it smells fishy.

In fact, water used to wash fish can be very beneficial for plants.

The reason is that the water contains nutrients that are very good for plants.

For example, the elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can make plants fertile.

Besides that, it can also trigger the growth of fruit or flowers with fast and dense.

Quoted from, according to the Directorate General of Aquaculture (2007), fish washing waste can increase the nutrient content in fertilizers. to fall which contains the elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and C-organic.

For example, fish washing water as liquid fertilizer that will be given to plants contains nutrients needed by plants to grow, for example, the element Nitrogen contains 2.251%, 4.37% Phosphorus, 0.36% Potassium, and C-organic. 15.42%.

Then, how do I use it?

It’s actually really easy.

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We just water the fish washing water on the ground.

Fortunately, this washing water no longer contains organs in fish, yes.

It’s nothing, it’s afraid that the fish organ on the ground will invite annoying flies or cats.

Meanwhile, if the washing water is only, it is guaranteed that it will not be fishy because it soaks in the ground.

So, stop wasting fish from now on, yes.

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