‘Stop bullying’, stop dying, ‘Fix bully!!’ The whole society, ‘Joint duty’

There was a description of “Types of Bullies” and “Cause-Factor” leading to behavior “Bully” who is becoming “Big Social Problems” In the forum, the experts also reflected on this particular aspect. “How to help – how to prevent”…

by promoting “Create an understanding of this matter.”

“To prevent bullying from occurring”

The information in this section is considered “Worthy to consider”…

Starting from information by Asst. Prof. Dr. Yokfah Isaranon specialist in social psychology that reflects that… action “Create a safe space Is another good way to do it. In social psychology, having social support source (social support)or that Someone I can trust to tell me things. will help create a sense of security It will help prevent a person from feeling or thinking of wanting to destroy or hurt someone as a shield for themselves. And this approach also results in a person being mentally strong enough when faced with bullying. …This is a psychological solution.

while Dr. Jirapat Raweepattarakul Specialist in Developmental Psychology reflect that… “Prevention of Bullying” that first may have to start from ourselves first The second is Try to make life choices for yourself. However, bullying is not just the perpetrator and the perpetrator. But there are also eyewitnesses where some children, after witnessing bullying, may feel reluctant to interfere because they are afraid or unsure whether they will be able to help the person who is being bullied or not. Or are you afraid that the bully will turn on you? Which has a research study that found If the people around or bully witness Developed to be a helper…

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this…will reduce the prevalence of bullying

“helper It doesn’t always mean someone who confronts the abuser in order to stop the bullying. But it can also mean helping in the form of consoling the victim.” …another interesting way to help reduce the problem of bullying

word “NO” with child’s hand on dark background

already “Adjusting the behavior of people who like to bully others” What should I do? this story Asst. Prof. Dr. Chompunut Srichannil An expert in counseling psychology adds that… Other bullies may actually be in need of help as well. Because this behavior is a sign that there may be a mental difficulty. who need help in order to solve the problem at the right point, which Parents or teachers can help solve problems. if the prevalence of the problem is high in school Schools should respond seriously. not looking at it as a joke Provide a psychological counselor in the school (school counsellor) etc.

“Besides family and school At the social level, people have to train acquaintances to accept individual differences. Therefore, in order to solve this bullying problem It must raise awareness in all sectors. both at the social, school and family levels.” …is identified by experts in counseling psychology and “Solve Bully Problems”

indicative “It’s a joint duty” whole society

switch back to Prof. Dr. Yokfah Also stated that… Even if the division of factions is human nature, for example, who is like us? We want to be friends too. Who is not like will see that he is different or look at that person abnormally

This value has been deeply rooted in society for a long time. It makes people different or have special characteristics, so they are often victims or targets of bullying. which if this problem can be solved People in society must understand diversity. must have Cultivate understanding and acceptance of diversity since childhood. To see the difference is normal. By seeing the difference, must not stigmatize in the first place that it is not good.

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however If society can understand at the level of a mature adult. It will be a good role model for the children. in terms of accepting diversity Therefore, Thai society must train everyone to open their minds. which is initially Practice accepting different opinions first. Because sometimes bullying occurs because there are people who don’t think the same way. Especially in the social world where there is a “witch hunt phenomenon” everywhere. This is verbal bullying on the basis of disagreement, so if everyone feels that diversity is normal. believe that persecution will decrease

“When you see something different We may have to try to understand. have to try to open more By accepting a variety of differences to be part of our experience, sometimes in Thai society we do not have a model of what to do when encountering an event like this. Until causing sometimes some people have no way out when they meet someone who is not like us because they weren’t trained Therefore, it is something that all sectors must work together to cultivate these issues.” …is a suggestion to solve the problem.

“Bully” is “The problem of both the doer and the doer”

“Specific fixes” this “Those who like to do things are important.”

“Think carefully” be careful “Kill people by bullying!!”.

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