Stop bad habits! Here’s how to pronounce QRIS correctly


Often with terms QRIS extension, but still confused about how to pronounce it correctly? Some say QRIS extension hence ‘kiyuris’, ‘kiris’ or Oris. For information, QRIS is an Indonesian qr standard created by Bank Indonesia (BI) for connected payment systems.

With this QRIS, mobile banking or e-wallet can be used with the same QR. So you don’t need to download many applications if you want to make payments.

So what is the correct pronunciation? The head of the BI Payment System Policy Department (DKSP) group, Fitria Irmi Triswati, revealed that the pronunciation of QRIS is Kris.

“Speech QRIS extension the truth is ‘KRIS’ not kiyuris, kiris or Oris, yes,” Fitria told detik com some time ago.

QRIS extension This was launched by BI and the Indonesian Association of Payment Systems (ASPI) and Financial Services Institutions on August 17, 2019.

At the time, BI Governor Perry Warjiyo said QRIS extension This has the goal of transaction efficiency, acceleration of financial inclusion, advancement of MSMEs which can drive national economic growth.

Perry explained that QRIS is an original Indonesian QR transaction. “A sign that Indonesia is a modern developed country will have a higher income, a nationally enforced standard. What is called QRIS Superior,” she said.

QRIS carries the spirit of SUPERIOR which means UNIVERSAL, EASY, COST-EFFECTIVE and DIRECT.

The company can use QRIS extension nationally it will come into effect from 1 January 2020. This is done with the aim of providing a preparatory transition period for payment system service providers (PJSPs).


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